Recycling Done Right

At Berco we strive to offer the highest quality recycled material to meet the needs of your upcoming project. By meticulously inspecting every load of material that enters our facility, we ensure that outgoing material is free of excessive wood, plastics, and other foreign substances. 

The Right Permits, The Right Products

Berco Recycling and Gravel Processing is fully permitted with the Town of Bloomfield as an aggregate(s) recycling facility.  Our road base materials meet the appropriate specifications required by the Department of Transportation. Berco Recycling is also permitted with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for the Staging and Transfer of Contaminated Soil and/or Sediment Management. 

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials for your next construction project can be a difficult and timely process. At Berco, it is our goal to stress the importance of construction recycling in regards to your costs as well as the environmental impact. We offer discounts for clean asphalt, clean concrete, and other materials that can be processed quickly for reuse.